When Do I Start Learning Power Moves?

For the fourth episode of #AskErin, we have this question from Bboy B-Rabbit:

How do I know when I’m ready to start learning power moves? Is it something you just start learning or do you need a strong toprock/footwork foundation first?

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Essentially he is asking: “When do I start learning power moves?”

I like this question.


Because he approaches learning with the lens of realism: he knows he needs foundations first. He’s not asking how to learn certain powermoves before he has even managed to master his fundamentals. He’s not looking to jump straight into power, even before he has taken the baby steps for breaking.

He’s asking what should he do, or what are the prerequisites (or what I would call “green lights”) for learning power moves.

To get my answer, click ‘play’ on this video below:


I’m going to tackle this question from 2 perspectives.

  1. Physical Fitness

To learn power, you cannot avoid the requirement called physical fitness. After all, bboying is still pretty athletic in nature, and to do most of the moves, you’ll need a certain level of fitness and balance (fully trainable I would add.)

As a general rule of thumb, the stronger you are and the more flexible you are… The easier it is to learn how to power.

Here are some examples:

If you would like to learn how to 1990s, but you can’t do your handstand properly…

Then that’s a strength issue you have to tackle.

Likewise for flares, if you want to learn how to flare, but you’re unable to support your own bodyweight…

It would be wayyy tougher for you to pick up the move.

If you want to learn how to mill or flare, but you can’t spread your legs wide enough…

There’s that flexibility issue you have to tackle.


  1. Technical Understanding

You need to think about your understanding of technicalities, specifically your understanding of motions and power moves motions.

And how all of these relate from basic footwork foundation.

A great video to watch and learn how to apply this concept is Poe One’s Importance of A Sweep video:

Basically what PoeOne is saying is how learning, practicing and mastering the simple sweep movement can lead you to learning power.

(In the video, he demonstrated with transiting from a sweep to a head drill.)

There are a lot of other examples as well.

A 2 step footwork can lead to the rotational foundation for swipes.

Chair tracks would help you with halos.

12 steps or baby love can lead on to UFOs.

What I’m trying to say here is:

Mastering your basic footwork fundamentals will help you learn how to master your powermoves. I will go as far to say having good foundation before learning any new move…

Is a must have.

I hope this answers your question.

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