What Is A Good One Year Goal For Beginner Bboys And Bgirls?

For the fourth episode of #AskErin, we have this question from DejiaNay Houle:

For a beginner, what are good, realistic accomplishments and goals to attain within the first year?

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To start off, this question can be answered in so many ways.

So let me make it clear first that the way I am going to share today is NOT the only way.

With that said, click ‘play’ on this video to watch my answer:

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Firstly, before we move on to my explanation, there is a term I would like you to familiarize yourself with.

That term is Return On Investment (ROI).

What is ROI?

The benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment’s gains compare favourably to its cost.

To put it loosely in the bboy sense of learning moves, we’re going to swap the money invested with TIME invested.

The companies you’re going to invest in are YOUR MOVES.

Instead of money, you’re going to put time into them.

Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to do the math for this.

A loose explanation for this concept is the amount of time you need to learn and master the move itself.

So here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Draw out your 1-year timeline of which moves to master. Take a look at how many times you practice a week, multiply by 52 to get your 1-year schedule of practice.

Step 2: Think of all the moves you want to learn and think through whether you want to slot them into this timeline.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget that you have to allocate time for practising transitions, sharpening your sets etc.

As a beginner, I highly recommend that you learn as many HIGH ROI moves as possible. This is so that you’ll have a huge repertoire of moves that you can leverage on.

This is also the reason why I don’t recommend to total newbies to jump into power moves straight. Power moves are LOW ROI moves.

If you only focus on powermoves when you just begin, the chances of you having something substantial at the end of 1 year is very low.

For example, you might have only semi-good windmills, shitty toprock and shitty footwork (trust me, I have seen a lot of those.)

Why Are HIGH ROI Moves Different For Individuals?

Some people are physically stronger and can catch strength-based moves much easier. Some
people have better musicality right off the bat, and they can practise top rock fast.

HIGH ROI moves does not mean that the moves are easy/not-high level.

For example, 6-step (to me) is a HIGH-ROI move. That does not mean you can execute it properly right away.

To do it properly, you have to practise while looking at some of those footwork-heads out there.

They can make 6-step look really good. A lot of practice goes into that.

A 1-Year Roadmap You Can Follow If You Are A Beginner

To end off this session, I’d like to say that this is a rough list of what you need to have by 1 year as decent goals to achieve.

1. Basic Toprock
– Good, clean and to the music.
2. Basic Drops
– At least 3 – 5 solid ones (e.g knee drop, half sweep etc.)
3. All The Numbered Footworks
– 1-step, 2-step, 3-step, 4-step, 5-step, 6-step, 7-step, 8-step, 9-step, 12-step.
– Execute well and clean – probably mastered.
– Check out some of the footwork tutorials online. There’s a lot of them. Check out Zeshen (Havikoro), Keebz (Mind 180). They’re all on YouTube.
4. Good Freezes That You Can Use With Complementing Transitions
– At least 3 strong freezes
– You can even master any 3 exits and any 3 entries to each freeze.
5. Swipes and/or Windmills With Complementing Transitions

– Join Power Moves Simplified, our blueprint for mastering powermoves.


This is the whole list. Remember to do your 1 year timeline.

And consider your practice slots.

So you know the exact amount of time on hand for your 1 year plan.


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