Why You Don’t Need Motivation

For the seventh episode of #AskErin, we have this question from Alejandro Gonzalez:

How can I always be motivated?

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Today, I’ll tell you all about why YOU DON’T NEED MOTIVATION. Sure, motivation is useful. But it can become a crutch when you rely solely on motivation to get your ass up to go practice.

Well, I’ll offer a more level-headed approach in 90 seconds.

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So, how can YOU always be motivated for practice?

The answer?

You DON’T.

Nobody can stay motivated 100% of the time.

What you need is:


You need the discipline to set up a schedule to go and train. That means you have to put in the effort.

Effort comes in the form of time, sacrifice, going out less, etc. You have to set aside these things. It’s almost as though someone was going to the gym.

You know, those bodybuilders going to the gym.

They have to put in the time and effort to make it work.

If you want results, you have to put in effort for it.

Especially for breaking.

For breaking itself, it’s not about motivation.

There are days that you don’t feel motivated. You still go and practice. You have to set up a schedule and be discplined enough to go and practice.

Set it up, tell yourself what you’re going to practice and get there on time.

This is very important. Getting to practice on time is very important.

It’s part of discipline.

You get there on time, you put in the amount of time, you put in the amount of effort and consciousness into your practice, and I assure you… motivation will be a thing of your past.

You will be able to practice efficiently.


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