Freestyle Session 20 Year Anniversary Recap

20 years strong, Freestyle Session delivered an epic weekend! “The Return of the Crew Battle” saw a historical line up of crews making for some memorable battles. The event took place at the legendary, La Boom Night Club in Los Angeles, where it has been held for the past few years.

So many things to share, so let’s jump in.

Day One

Within minutes of the doors opening, the venue already looked full. The support was amazing with a record-breaking number of pre-sale tickets than any other FSS edition. The day started off as a massive reunion, I don’t think I stopped saying what’s up to friends and family from around the world. Biggest & Baddest also released its new collection at FSS, so there was a lot of traffic at The Bboy Spot booth. The vendors all had great setups, and it was good to see people from within the community providing great services for the community. After a few hours of open circles, the prelim showcase battles began. It consisted of three cyphers with a panel of 3 judges that included:

Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew)

Poe One (Style Elements)

Swiftrock (Battle Squad)

Reveal (Rock Force/Killafornia)

Wicket (Renegades)

alternates/prelim judges

Charles (Soul Control)

Bojin (Taiwan/BBoyworld Asia)

Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts)

Renegade (Soul Mavericks)

After the prelims, the Alvarado Family, Fusik, Unique Styles Crew, The Squadron and many close friends gathered together on stage for our Dedication to Mex. It was an emotional moment as we showed appreciation, and dedicated our music, dance, and art to Mex. After a moment of silence, we heard the words of Marlon of HaviKoro, who wrote a poetic masterpiece in honor of him. Fusik had the privilege to be a part of, and conclude, the dedication. It was amazing to perform in commemoration of my best friend, knowing he was watching from above. Mex supported Fusik from day one. He motivated me to follow my dreams and pursue my passion for music. Thank you, Mex, for always pushing us to be the best.

Photo by Viviimage

Day Two

Starting the day with completing the remaining battles in the top 32 bracket, Freestyle Session incorporated the “and8 Judge” system. The tool offers round-for-round judging with real time evaluation. Each judge has a screen and uses a fader that produces a percentage, depending on how far you move the fader to one side or the other. After the battle, the screen displays the number of rounds won by each crew, which in turn, determines the winning crew. After the event, all the results are posted with detailed round-for-round votes, including the percentage results by each judge for each round.

For all the battle reports, click here: and8 Judge

Click on the name of the winner to see the report for that battle on the top 32 graphic on the web site.


Example of the battle results


The highlight of the night was the final battle: Monster Energy Bboys vs The Squadron! The energy was through the roof. Both crews showed an amazing level of talent and skill. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below.

Congratulations to Monster Energy Bboys for taking the win and earning the Freestyle Session 20th Year Anniversary rings. It was an amazing battle, many saying it was the best one of the whole year.We also want to acknowledge the winners of the categorizes held in the adjacent rooms.

Kids Battle: Master Mace and Weapon X

Open Styles: Flo

Popping: Slimboogie

Waacking: Kumari Suraj

Rocking: Aya (MZK)

We would like to congratulate Cros One for 20 years of Freestyle Session and all the contributions he has made in our scene. FSS has been an inspiration for many and continues to bring us together. The event was a huge success and I look forward to return next year!


check out some amazing photo galleries of Freestyle Session XX

Kien Quan Photography

Viviimage Photography

Ervin Arana Photography

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Temple rock 2017 recap

This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made its way to my home state of Florida making Shaolin
Production’s Temple Rock Vol. 4. The 32nd official stop of the 2017 tour!

The jam kicked off with a cypher night at the community spot DGEBK (DJing, Graffitti, Emceeing,
Breaking, and Knowledge) Studios. No battles or any formal schedule, just good music and vibes. Day
One was dedicated to Mex, having all the proceeds go to the MEX ONE-Legacy Fund.

The man himself, Daniel aka “Beanie”, made a special appearance joined by the rest of Mex’s Family.
Beanie even got down and bugged out in the cyphers with his cousins! I had the honor of spinning the
night with an all vinyl 45 set where much of my selection was influenced by the many records myself and
Mex always got down to. Many of these we found together diggin at record shows, flea markets, and
record shops. Also spinnin was DJ Kid Master of Colombia who has been supporting and putting in work
in the Florida scene for the past few years. Overall, the vibe was fresh and it was the perfect way to set
off the weekend! Big thank you to the venue and Eric for their generosity to help make Day One happen!

The main event was held at Fuego Night Club, known for its booming sound system, breezy atmosphere,
wood floors and dope lighting. The night started off with cyphers and good music with DJs Kid Master
(Colombia) and Will Stylz (Catalyst Hip-Hop) holding down the turntables in the prelims and circles, while
BlesOne (Knuckleheads Cali) took over the 1s and 2s for the brackets and bgirl 7-to- smoke! Will Stylz
also rockin the mic as the host with the most!

This 4th edition of Temple Rock proved to be the highest caliber of bboys and bgirls to date. With over 100
competitors from all over the world signed up for the 1vs1 Breakin Battle and Bgirl 7-to- smoke, Shaolin
Productions put together the following panel of experts to decide who will take the $2000 cash prize:
Jessie (Havikoro), Asia One (MZK/No Easy Props/Bboy Summit), Dahs (Flipside Kings), Omen (Supreme
Beingz), and Napalm (Beat Whakz).

Check out the TOP 32 lineup below.

During the night, several call out battles broke out… Jolty (Supreme Beingz) versus Morris (Rockforce),
and Swift Nyce (Flooridians) calling out one of the judges, Omen (Supreme Beingz)!

Before the semi-finals, the Bgirl 7-to- smoke went down. It was a high-level international line up of Bgirls
making it seem that it was an invitational, but all the dancers made their own way to Florida to represent
for the $1500 prize! Congrats to Bgirl Kate (South Front/Ukraine) for taking the win! Also awarded was
$700 for 2 nd place and $300 for 3 rd place.


Before the finals, Battle Rap Emcee MADD ILLZ alongside Female Emcee E-Turn took to the stage for a
dope performance, spitting bars and paying homage to Supernatural by freestyling about random objects
being held up at the jam!

The Final came down to Florida versus Texas. Hometown hero Victor (Redbull/Squadron/MF Kidz) vs.
Scumbag Jose (HZK x Renegades) going three rounds each to determine the winner.

Congrats to Victor, 2017 Temple Rock 4 Champ!
Also awarded: 2 nd place $900; 3 rd & 4 th place $450; 5 th -8 th place $225 and 9 th -16 th place $100.

Held at Phan’s Asian Cuisine owned and operated by Orlando’s own Tung Fu of the MF Kidz, the night
included a “Temple Rock” menu, drink specials, games, and live music provided by resident DJ Java J. If
you are ever in the area, I highly recommend checking out this spot! The food was great and the vibe
was chill, good conversations reconnecting with old friends and building the foundation of new

Mural at PHAN’s restaurant by 2NES UNOe

Temple Rock did its job of continuing to grow the US scene and keeping what we love so much about
Florida jams. The event had international competition in a comfortable club setting, and brought out a
quality line up of DJs and Judges from out of town while keeping its roots with the local scene. To top it
off Ray Gunz, Freeze, Nat, and the whole Shaolin Productions did an amazing job of accommodating all
the guests and some out of towners by renting out a big Airbnb house for everyone to sleep, but more
importantly for everyone to build. Thank you guys so much for the hospitality, I can’t wait to be a part of
the next one!

Peep the gallery bellow by Kien Quan photography

Source: Temple rock 2017 recap


Professional stage setup and complimentary Monster Energy drinks, Essential alkaline water, meals, and gear with a room full of some of the most talented people in our culture were just some of the many things that was generously provided at this year edition of Silverback Open. With that being said, this year was also an emotional one. The absence of Mex was truly felt.

With the blessing of Mex’s family, the classic “Biggest & Baddest” booth we have all seen for years was set up during Silverback Open. Although a limited quantity of inventory was available, the goal was to send out a message to the community that the legacy will continue. Many of you came to the booth to pay your respects and share amazing stories of our beloved friend. I, Felix, want to thank you and tell you that I will pass on all your stories to his family and son.

Day One
History was made and the first Youth Olympic Games Continental Qualifier for the Americas took place.
For insight on the status of “Stage 2 Youth Olympics Continental Qualifier – Americas” reference
The Bboy Spot’s previous blog: HERE

There was a maximum of 30 places (20 Bboys and 10 Bgirls) for Stage Three in the YOG Qualifier being held in 2018 as the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Japan, and 16 Bboys and 7 Bgirls ended up being awarded that day! Congrats to Bgirl Connie (Endo Fx Crew/QCB, North Carolina) and Bboy D-Matt (Montreal, Canada) for winning the Youth Bgirl and Bboy battles respectively! Also, big shout out to UDEF for stepping up and giving the USA bboys and bgirls (PLUS parents/legal guardian) that qualified for Stage 2 a free trip plus accommodation to this past weekend’s Silverback Open! Judges for YOG: Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts), Moy (Monster Energy/Break Free), Storm(Germany), Narumi (Body Carnival), and Renegade (UK).

Day Two
With one of the highest registration count of a 1vs1 at a national event, 800+ competitors were divided into 3 circles. Five judges sat at each circle, and with a strong collective of minds, they picked the top 32 to battle it out for the title! Alongside the 1vs1 was the 1vs1 Bgirl battle, which was also filled with high-level dancers from all over the world!

Judges for the 1-on- 1 Open, 3-on- 3 Open and 1-on- 1 Bgirl Battles:
1. David Colas – (France)
2. Poe One – Style Elements (United States)
3. Dyzee – Supernaturalz (Canada)
4. A.T. – Flomo (Finland)
5. Renegade – Soul Mavericks (U.K.)
6. Wicket – Renegade Rockers (United States)
7. Reveal – Killafornia, Rock Force (San Diego, CA)
8. Fever One – Rock Steady Crew (United States) [alternate]
9. Mounir – Vagabonds (France) [alternate]
10. Hat Solo – Flowmo (Finland) [prelim]
11. Goku – Soul Control (United States) [prelim]
12. Rudy Rex – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
13. Servin Ervin – Cypher Adikts (United States) [prelim]
14. Lil John – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
15. Jeromeskee – Massive Monkees (United States) [prelim]

Every battle was at the highest caliber with the slightest mistake costingmany their win. The full bracket below shows the breakdown of who defeated who.

In the end, Issei (Found Nation, Japan) was awarded the 1-on- 1 title against Alkolil (OBC Crew, Russia) winning the grand prize of $15,000 cash and securing his spot in the Undisputed Finals being held in San Diego on January 27-28, 2018. Check the footage!

Ami (Good Foot Crew, Japan) was crowned the Bgirl champion over Ayumi (Body Carnival, Japan) winning $5,000. Peep the footage below.

Day Three
With over 400 3vs3 crews and using the same 3 circle format, the judges came together to choose the top 32 spots. As you can imagine, this task is not easy and resulted in 4 tie breakers to determine the bracket. All the battles were hype as everyone gave it their all! In the end, 7 Commandos (Hong 10, Wing, and Skim) were victorious over Alkoli, Bumblebee, and Robin. Check out the bracket below to see how it all went down, plus the footage!

It was also great to see the addition of a Popping category at Silverback Open! The “Bionic Boogie” was set up as a top 8 invitational battle hosted by Mr. Wiggles. Mex and I always spoke about how we wanted to see the Popping scene grow and it felt great to see Silverback incorporate it into the mix. I hope to see the future of this grow and give the opportunity for more Poppers to represent. Firebac (Korea) took the win over Boogie Frantic (MZK, USA).

Because of the multiple categories and long list of competitors, this event saw some long hours, which means lots of music to be played. The DJ line up of Lean Rock (Floorlords/Boogie Brats), Fleg (Lionz of Zion), BlesOne (Knuckleheads Cali) and Safire (Floorlords) did an incredible job of keeping the flow and setting off the vibe throughout the weekend.

Overall, the experience was excellent. The venue and staff were operating at the highest level of professionalism. Silverback Open gave out over $100,000 in prize money; all star judges panel; free entrance; all competitors received complimentary food vouchers and free gift bags with gear; free Monster Energy drinks and Essential water; professional live stream; plenty of seating and viewing everyone for everyone in the building; and so much more. We realize it was hot in the building, but what can you expect when you have the hottest dancers from all over the world going as hard as they can in the battles followed by everyone going in heavy in the circles all night long, with the DJs dropping an amazing selection of music to move your soul!

I want to thank Steve, Joe, Dawn, Nemesis, and the entire 2017 Silverback Open staff for their generosity, hospitality and attention to detail this entire weekend. On the exterior, Silverback Open is an amazing ultra high-level competition, but on the inside, it is a reunion and gathering of creative minds from around the world. Thank you, to the Pro Breaking Tour and Silverback Bboy Events, for continuing to provide opportunities and the platform for growth in our Hip hop community.

Source: SILVERBACK OPEN 2017 recap


This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour his San Diego CA. for its 27th official stop of the 2017 tour. The jam? UNDISPUTED USA Qualifier. The mega event held what will be the 2nd biggest 1 vs 1 competition is the U.S this year(SB Open will be 1st.) The event line up was WORLD CLASS across the board. World renown bboys such as Remind, Moy, Thesis, El Nino, Ronnie, Lil Rock, and many others wanted to claim the title plus secure their spots in this years UNDISPUTED World Finals. Aside of the title, and guaranteed finals spot, there was also a very nice 1st place cash prize consisting of $2,000, 2nd place received $750, semi finalist $400each, Top 8 $200each, Top 16 $100.00each and Top 32 $50.00each. To go along with the star studded line up of bboys, Undisputed also carried a world class line up of DJ’s and Judges consisting of:

Lean Rock
Mane One

Paulskee – Mighty 4/Rock Force
Wicket – Footwork Fanatics
Kujo – Soul Control
Nemasis – Breaks Crew
Casper – Boogie Brats/SBR
prelim/alternate judge
Ace – Master Movements

We can’t forget our host with the most. The one and only Cros One and the urban action figure Ivan.
THE BATTLES: Check out the TOP 32 line up.

TOP 16 Battles:
Thesis defeats Omen, Sa-ewl takes out Phil, May eliminates Shigekix, Ronnie moves on over Nico.
El Nino advances over Frankie, Buckshot takes out Exaggerate, Remind defeats Lil Rock and Gravity moves on over Zeku.

We do have to highlight this battle: Remind vs Lil Rock. Two legends from the 90’s. Two Pro-Am winners. Two bboys who pioneered Styles and movements. Crazy to see them battle all these years later.

TOP 8 Battles:
Thesis defeats Sa-ewl, May takes out Ronnie.
El Nino ends Buckshots run, Remind defeats Gravity.

In this one we gotta highlight the battle of the sponsored bboys. Monster Bboy Vs BC One All Star.
Moy vs Ronnie:

Thesis defeats Moy
El Nino eliminates Remind.

THE FINALS: Thesis vs El Nino
What a final…. Two homies who have battled with each other and against numerous times. Two bboys that have been holding it down for the USA on the battle tip for over a decade.

For awesome pictures of UNDISPUTED USA, All photos by : Adam “Emajyn Adolphus

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Rock City 8 Year Anniversary
Follow the PBT at:

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Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary | Red Bull BC One New York Cypher Recap

July 29th documented the last Rock Steady’s Crew Anniversary Jam in New York. What not better way to celebrate their 40th year and end it with a bang than by adding a Red Bull BC One Cypher, the third official USA qualifier for the northeast!

Brought to you by Crazy Legs, Ynot and the members of Rock Steady, it was a weekend of announcements and celebration for the closing and opening of chapters for the crew. The last anniversary is being preceded by a music festival initiated by Crazy Legs called “Rock Steady For Life”, and the crew is now in the hands of the new vice president, eventual leader, Oriana Ortega (Bgirl Feenx)!

The weekend was official! Kicking it off with a dope outdoor preparty at a local brewery, The Bronx Brewery, which featured open cyphers, live DJ’s Erika the DJ, Duce Martinez, Break Beat Lou, Tony Touch, Tedsmooth, Funk Flex and an epic performance by the Large Professor, the whole night exceeding expectations that Rock Steady knows how to party!

The main event started and ended with good vibes! Hosted by the legendary Grand Master Caz and held at The Bowery Ballroom, a venue with chilling AC, dope lighting, booming sound system, and an upper and lower level to get down. The night not only featured the Red Bull BC One competition, but DJ’s Skeme Richards, DV One and Kaotic Blaze killing it on the 1s and 2s and a fire performance by Fat Joe reliving the classics! Must also mention Crazy Legs making a special appearance on the wheels of steel in the lower level of the venue where plenty of cypher call outs and battles broke out!

Participants compete at The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

Red Bull BC One New York Cypher was open to all US residents 18 years old and over. The qualifier brought in 58 competitors representing the tri state area and surrounding states, and states as far as Arizona, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Hawaii to name a few. The talent pool featured influential OGs and several up-and-coming Bboys and Bgirls. The panel making the tough calls were Jiggz Star (Supreme Beingz), Rock Steady’s own EZ Mike, and Elmo (Street Masters Crew) with Red Bull BC One All Star’s Ronnie (Full Force/Super Cr3w/7 Commandoz/Super Wockee) filling in as an alternate judge.

Judges, EZ Mike, Jiggz Star, Elmo and Ronnie pose for a portrait at The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

The Cypher

1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl battle for a guaranteed spot at Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher Final in Amsterdam in November 2017. Prize included roundtrip plane ticket, hotel accommodation, guaranteed attendance to Red Bull BC One World Finals. The winner gets a chance to battle it out vs 30+ BC One Last Chance Cypher winners from across the world for a shot at the final spot in Red Bull BC One 2017 World Finals!

Participants compete at The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

Top 16 Battles

• Uncle Will (X-Fenz) vs Super Herick (True Aggression)
• Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers) vs Flowers (Lionz of Zion)
• Snow (Titanz) vs Whorah (Beast Coast)
• Rich Nyce (True Aggression) vs Paranoia (Street Masters Crew)
• Tiger (United Outkast) vs Curt Rage (The Elusives)
• Isaiah (Lionz of Zion/The Elusives) vs Heat Rock (Del Fuego Wolfpack)
• Pop (Street Masters Crew) vs Lokito
• Spydey (Dynamic Rockers) vs Zebra (Supreme Beingz/Culturas Unidas)

Top 8 Battles

• Uncle Will (X-Fenz) vs Flowers (Lionz of Zion)
• Whorah (Beast Coast) vs Rich Nyce (True Aggression)
• Tiger (United Outkast) vs Heat Rock (Del Fuego Wolfpack)
• Pop (Street Masters Crew) vs Spydey (Dynamic Rockers)


Flowers (Lionz of Zion) vs Whorah (Beast Coast)

Heat Rock (Del Fuego Wolfpack) vs Pop (Street Masters Crew)

Flowers (Lionz of Zion) vs Pop (Street Masters Crew)

Congrats to Pop for taking the win! In his first Red Bull BC One debut, at 19 years old, Pop wins the 2017 New York Cypher and proudly represents the Street Masters Crew.

Pop celebrates after winning The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

Event winner, Pop poses for a portrait at The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

Shout outs
• Bboy Network Channel who covered the battles from Top 16 to Finals, footage can be found HERE
• Carlo Cruz (IG: @carlocruzphoto), official event photographer!

Also, peep the link to check out a dope review of the third day of Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary weekend:

Rock Steady Crew Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Havoc and MC Lyte

Rock Steady Crew pose for a portrait at The Red Bull BC One New York Cypher at the Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary in New York, NY, USA on 29 July, 2017.

Source: Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary | Red Bull BC One New York Cypher Recap

Moves and Kicks recap

This past weekend, the PTB found its way back in the Big Apple. The event? Moves and Kicks. M&K became the 23rd official stop of this years tour. The event was significant and lived up to its name because it dubbed as the official event for the release of the Puma Clydes. Puma Clyde’s are one of if not the most iconic sneaker in Breakin history.

Little history: The name “Clyde” comes from the nickname of New York Knicks most iconic basketball plaer ever, Walt Frazier. The sneaker was designed as a basketball shoe but the Hiphop generation adopted it and made it a lifestyle street wear must have.

The 2 day event started with the official pre-party and as everyone knows, NYC knows how to throw some official parties. The event itself was hosted and organized by none other than now N.Y legend Nemesis. It featured another N.Y native DJ Ruggz on the wheels of steel. The judges? From Philly, none other than Hannibal(360 Flava), N.Y King, Jiggz(Supreme Beings) and N.Y royalty, none other than the man himself, supreme grand master Crazy Legs(RSC)

The Competition
M&K featured a 1 vs 1 breakin battle for $2,500.00 dollars. The $ breakdown looked a little something like this: 1st place = $1,200.00 – 2nd = $800.00 – Semifinalist = $250.00each. With that much $ on the line and N.Y having so many top quality bboys/bgirls, you knew the talent pool would be extremely high.

Kid Glyde defeats Invertebrate
Pop advances over Geo
Pete Nasty takes out Danny Infms
Willastr8 moves on over Sunny
Bgirl Meelisa upsets Lokito
Roflow takes the w vs Uncle Will
Frankie takes the victory over Super Herick
And the last battle, Tricky defeats Snow

Kid Clyde takes out Willastr8
Frankie with the W vs Roflow
Pop ends Meelisa’s run.
Tricky defeats Pete Nasty in the last top 8 battle.

SEMIFINALS For these battles, lets go straight to the footage.
Frankie Vs Kid Glyde

Tricky Vs Pop

Pop Vs Frankie

Congrats to Supreme Beings own Frankie!! Frankie is having a great break year so far!!

Shout outs to Nemesis for holding it down in the NYC all these years!!

Next up on the Pro Breaking Tour: Style Elements 23 Year Anniversary
Follow the complete Pro Breaking Tour schedule at:

Source: Moves and Kicks recap

Mass Appeal X United Styles at Floorlords 36th Year Ann.

This past weekend the PBT hit the Beantown for what was to be one of the most anticipated events in the USA. The Floorlords 36th Year Anniversary. Floorlords is HIPHOP ROYALTY. The crew has been an inspiration to the community since the community started uniting in the mid 90’s. I(Mex) remember how deep the crew rolled up back at Pro-Am 2000. Floorlords produced one of the greatest bboys of all time in Float and bboy El Nino now carries the torch as one of the greatest of his generation. Leno(leader) has done so much for so many. He has mentor not just his son Lean Rock and Nephew(El Nino) but many young up and coming bboys/bgirls from the Boston area and beyond. Floorlords simply happens to be one of the most liked and respected crews our community has ever produced. Floorlords Ann truly is a celebration of family and culture.

Lets check out what the FL Ann. was all about:
• 2vs2 / Concept Breakin’ Battle
• 1v1 / 7-to-Smoke Allstyle Battle

2v2 Prize: 1st: $1,000 (2 checks of $500) 2nd: $500 (2 checks of $250) 3rd & 4th ( 4 checks of $100)

(Breakin’ Judges)
Lego (FL) – Palmer (TX) – Fleau (MTL)

Razor Cut / Safire / DP One

The Competition
For Mass Appeal, lets go straight into the Top 16 battle bracket:

Top 16
Lawtown Assassins Vs Optimistic Crew
Lil Beast /Volant Vs Aplus /Thaiyo
Mikey/Lekz Vs Styles Corrupt
Floor Convicts Vs Ariya
Now Or Never Vs Del Fuego Robo
Super Campones Vs Jav/Surge
Optimistic Floor Gangz Vs Amazzonki Crew
Thesis and Willastr8 Vs Boogie Renaissance

Top 8
Devote/Mass Vs Optimistic Floor Gangz
Aplus/Sevy Vs Machi/Bombi
Thesis /Willastr8 Vs Jax/Thaiyo
Lu/Rith Vs D-Matt / Rhythm

Bombi/Willastr8 Vs Thesis/Rhythm
Mass/Devote Vs D-Matt/Machi

Mass/Thesis Vs Devote/Rhythm

MASS APPEAL Top 16 to Finals Playlist HERE

Congrats to Mass and Thesis!!!

And now for the “main event” United Styles 13. United Styles always brings out some real heavy hitter and this year was no exception. This year, the talent pool was “world class”. Top bboys such as the BC One All Stars, Knuckleheads Cali, Sweet Technique, Street Masters, and many more crews from across the U.S came out to represent. With that kind of talent, you knew the judges had to be world class as well.
Check out the judges line up: Lego (FL) – Palmer (TX) – Fleau (MTL). On the wheels of steel were none other than: DJ Lean Rock and DJ Fleg. The music, the talent, the vibe, and the culture all represented to the fullest. And lets not forget the prize money… Because when the Pro Breaking Tour is involved, there is always plenty of prizes to go around. Prize breakdown went a little something like this:

• 1st: 1,500 (3 checks of $500)
• 2nd: $750 (3 checks of $250)
• 3rd & 4th : 900 (6 checks of 150)

The competition:

Top 16
Straight Outta Jersey Vs BC One All Stars: BC One All Stars take the W.
Floor Convicts Vs Gravity Benders: Floor convicts advance.
Street Masters Vs Ariya: The Masters move on to the Top 8.
Unstoppable Beasts Vs Now Or Never: Unstoppable lives up to their name.
Chacha / Stacy / Will Vs Corrupt Technique: C. Technique takes the victory.
Del Fuego Wolfpack Vs Problem Wizards: The hometown crew takes the battle.
Full Circle Vs Optimistic Crew: Them Minnesota boys move on.
Knucklehead Kingz vs All City Rockers: KHKingz take it.

Top 8
Floor Convicts Vs BC One All Stars: The All Stars are in the semis.
Unstoppable Beasts Vs Street Masters: Unstoppable yet again.
Del Fuego Wolfpack Vs Corrupt Technique: Corrupt Technique take it.
Knucklehead Kingz Vs Optimistic: Knucklehead Kingz in the top 4.

For the semis and finals, lets check out the battles:

Unstoppable Beasts Vs BC One All Stars

Knuckleheads Kingz Vs Corrupt Technique

Knucklehead Kingz Vs BC One All Stars

CONGRATS TO THE BC ONE ALL STARS!! Menno, Victor and Rox Rite!!

For all battles, check out the good peoples at Bboy Network who were there covering the event: HERE

For awesome pictures of Floorlords 36th Year Ann. Check out Joseph Lee Photography: HERE

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Freestyle Session Florida
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Source: Mass Appeal X United Styles at Floorlords 36th Year Ann.

Break ILL California X Red Bull BC One L.A Cypher recap

June 3rd weekend, Red Bull BC One hit Los Angeles CA. at Break ILL California for the official west coast qualifier. Bboys and bgirls from across the USA came out to represent and compete for the grand prize, a coveted spot in this years Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher World Finals taking place in Amsterdam Holland this November.

Break ILL presented by Squid(USC) and Cypher Adikts founder Jeskilz was exactly what it was meant to be. A dope competition but above that, a dope jam. The jam had a dope venue, dope line up of DJ’s, great sound system and all around good vibes. The event drew heavy hitter competitors such as, ex BC One world finals semi finalist Morris, ex North America finals finalist Nasty Ray as well as many young up and coming but extremely talented bboys. In total 78 competitors from across the USA represented.

DJ’s Lean Rock and Megatone set the tempo, the music was fire all night long. Plenty of cyphers broke out with the highlight being Kid Steeze calling out Prada-G. It was one of those dope cypher battles you don’t often get to see. The judges of the night were world class and legends in the making:

• Teal Steel – Street Masters
• Rox Rite – Renegades/Squadron/BC One All Star
• Jeskilz – Cypher Adikts

The battles….

Too many dope battles took place. We are going to leave you with the one that matters most,


PhilWizard – Wizards vs Nasty Ray – Squadron

The homies at Stance were present at the event and uploaded all battles to their Youtube account HERE

One time to PhilWizard for taking the W and will represent at the Last Chance Cypher World Finals!!

quid and Skilz for setting up the event. It was so official that Bboy News just might have to say something dope about it… haha.

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Massive Monkees Weekend 2017 recap

Last May 19th – 21st weekend the breaking community celebrated one of the most respectable crews in our culture, Massive Monkees. For the last 2 decades Massive has been one of the most consistent, inspirational, competitive and professional crews to come out of our community. Their achievements are so special that they became the 1st crew of their generation to be recognized by their city(Seattle) and given the key to the city + their own city holiday. Massive Monkees represent style and class in everything they do, Massive Monkees Weekend is no exception.

As the 14th official stop of the Pro Breaking Tour, Massive Monkees Weekend is recognized as one of the best breaking events in the USA community. For many, it has become the best breaking event in the U.S. Massive Monkees Weekend brings a great mixture of competition and culture. Professionalism and rawness. The ying and the yang. The event is filled with parties, workshops, battles, cyphers, great music, vibes and good times. MMDAY17 brings together the dopeness of the 90’s early 2K era of events with the structure and competitiveness of the current generation. Spearheading the event (as always) are the DJ’S and #MMDAY17 came through with a dope line up that consisted of Lean Rock(Boston), Wicket(The Bay), Cues(Seattle), Tecumseh(Seattle) and none other than Bles One(Seattle). They fellas made sure the music was fire throughout the weekend.

The competition aspect of the event consisted of 4 categories. Day 1(Reign Supreme 2017) featured a 1 vs 1 battle with the winner receiving a trip to compete in Shanghai China this September. The event also featured an open style 7 to smoke invitational for $500.00 and a guaranteed spot at next years event to defend the title. Day two(Massive Monkees Day) featured the main event of the weekend, 1 vs 1 Footwork Master Championships for a now very famous 4 finger ring and the 3 vs 3 crew battles awarding $5,000.00 + a chance to compete at SBO 2017 for 1st place, 2nd place received $1,500.00 with 3rd and 4th place taking $750.00 per crew. Those kind of prizes need top quality judging and MMDAY17 doesn’t disappoint. Weekend line up of judges consisted of: Remind(Style Elements), Ken Swift(Break Life), Free(Circle of Fire), Wicket(Renegades), Fever One(Rock Steady), and Danny(Caster Evolution). Open styles judges: Flow Funk(Massive) and Anna Matuszewski(Macklemore & Ryan Lewis).

With so many battles taking place through out the weekend, it is almost impossible for us to go through each battle 1 by one. But luckily, our good friends at Bboy Network were present covering the event and added all the 1 vs 1 Top 16 battles on Youtube. World Class Bboys like El Nino, Tata, Bebo, Shane and many other top level up and coming bboys like PhilWizard, Dr Trey and Mad Action.

To check out all 1 vs 1 Reign Supreme battles check out Bboy Network HERE

Reign Supreme 1 vs 1 Final battle: Tata vs Dr. Trey

Congrats to Tata – Beast Coast – Team Monster on a great victory!!
One time to the homie Mikeskee for organizing Reign Supreme and helping with MMDAY17! We see you brotha!!


Footwork Masters 1 vs 1 Finals: Box Cutta vs Wing Zero

Congrats to BoxCutta, your new MMDAY17 Footwork Master Champion.
These battles had world class all over them. Crews like Hustle Kids from Holland, Foundnation from Japan, Monster Bboys, Supernaturalz, Del Fuego Wolfpack, Calamities and many others battled it out for the title. Lets take you straight to the Top 8 battles:

1) Team Monster defeats Gunsmoke Breakout in the 1st battle of the top 8.
2) Foundation vs. Super Naturals: Japan defeats Canada to advance.
3) Gunsmoke Flava vs. Calamaties: Gunsmoke Flava takes out California’s own Calamaties.
4) Hustle Kidz vs. Del Fuego Wolf pack: Hustle Kidz take out the Boston Wolfpack.

For the semi finals and finals, it is only proper to check out the battles here:
Foundation vs. Team Monster

Hustle Kidz vs. Gunsmoke Flava

Hustle Kidz vs. Team Monster

Congrats to Holland’s own Hustle Kidz on taking the title!! Well deserved fellas.
t out goes out to Massive Monkees. THANK YOU for being the crew that you are and doing what you do. If more crews from your generations carried themselves as you do, our community would be in a much better place.

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Culture of 4
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Source: Massive Monkees Weekend 2017 recap

RBC Invitational 2017 Recap

This past Sunday May 7th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 13th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. This time, the tour hit East Burke, VT. The event? RBC Invitational 2017.

You can say this was a “pop up” event. Its the 1st time its ever taken place, and came out of no where. The event took place at a very prestigious Ronnie Berlack Center at Burke Mountain Academy. Over 50 Olympians including two gold-medal winners have attended this academy.

Check out more info here-
(The Ronnie Berlack Center was named after a US Ski Team athlete from Burke Mountain Academy who died in a tragic skiing accident, and a charitable contribution by Silverback Bboy Events will be made in connection with this event:

The battle format?
12 invited breakers from the Pro Breaking Tour will compete for eight spots in a Crazy 8’s 1-v-1 competition, followed by an exhibition battle featuring all 12 bboys and the judges.

The prelims of the event featured:
• Cheerito Vs Divine
• Arex Vs Lil Zoo
• Tiger Vs Kareem
• DQ Vs Moy
With Cheerito, Lil Zoo, Kareem, and Moy advancing to the Top 8 joining

• El Nino: Floorlords, The Squadron
• Zeku: Future Force – Monster Bboys
• Tata: Beast Coast – Monster Bboys
• Gravity: 5 Crew – Monster Bboys

What was on the line?
RBC Battle Prize Distributions:
• $2500 for first place
• $1500 for second place
• $800 for third place
• $600 for fourth place
• $250 for fifth – eighth place

With that kind of line up and prize $ at stake, you know the battles would be crazy. The judges of the event consisted of:
• Kid Glyde
• Float
• Jiggz

With so many videos due to each round, we’ll leave you with the links to ALL THE ROUNDS + the video of the showcase expo featuring all bboys and judges.


Congrats to El Nino!!( Floorlords – Squadron) on a great victory!!


Next up on the Pre Breaking Schedule:
Massive Monkees Ann – Seattle WA.

Source: RBC Invitational 2017 Recap