Winners for Floor Wars Spain 2017

This weekend we’ve been to Barcelona, Spain to witness the annual qualification for the coming Floor Wars finals. Once again many crews have signed up and the day was full of intense battles. Not only were there the 3vs3 crew battles but also kids and all-style battles to top it off alongside showcases in the breaks. During the day the level got higher as you’d expect it to be and the audience was well backing and giving the surrounding atmosphere it’s well-deserved peak towards the semi and finals.

At the end, Legacy crew took the title. Legacy Crew is no stranger to Floor Wars, as they’ve qualified before and the strong trio took the title deservedly chosen by the judges B-boy Bebe (Ground Zero Crew, USA), Issue (Morning of Owl, Korea) and Luan (Funk Fuckers, Brazil).

Big thanks to Kadoer for setting up the event and putting a lot of hard work into the setup, as well as all the helpers along. Not to mention the community for the backing. Truly had a great time in Barcelona and we are looking forward welcome Legacy Crew in Copenhagen February 2018 as the first crew in the Great8.

Source: Winners for Floor Wars Spain 2017

Navi Crew wins Floor Wars 2017

Floor Wars 2017 was won by Navi Crew from Ukraine, who defeated the winners from 2014, Soul Mavericks (UK), in the finals.  The event was really hype with several intense battles and a breathtaking energy from the crowd. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported – you rule!

Source: Navi Crew wins Floor Wars 2017


Undisputed World Bboy Series in Prague


On January 28, 2017, 10 world champions of the 10 biggest events in the world, will battle for the ultimate crown of 2016 Undisputed World Bboy Series.

The SNIPES Battle Of The Year 1vs1 Champion Bruce Almighty (Portugal) will be part of the Undisputed and meet champions from all over the world.

UNThe Line Up:

Soso (France)

Sunni (UK)

Kuzya (Ukraine)

Victor (USA)

Thesis (USA)

Bruce Almighty (Portugal)

El Nino (USA)

Issei (Japan)

Kleju (Poland)

Kid Colombia (Netherlands)


The Judges:

Moy (USA)

Renegade (UK)

Keebz (USA)

Storm (Germany)

Mounir (France)


The DJ:

Lean Rock (USA)


The Hosts:

Mario Bee (Netherlands)

Lil Pablo (Slovakia)


The Showcase:

Jeru The Damaja (USA)


Undisputed World Bboy Masters 2016

January 28, 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

For more info & tickets check:

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