Taipei B-Boy City 2017 – Youth Olympics & Undisputed

Looking for a last event to visit before the closing of the year?  You should seriously consider to a visit to this year’s Taipei BBoy City on the first weekend of december. Besides the Undisputed and the “Breaking for Gold” Youth Olympics Qualifier this year’s two day festival has lots to offer. Check it out: Friday december […]
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MEXONE FOREVER: Fusik & Squadron Dedication

Freestyle Session 20th Year Anniversary was an amazing weekend, but the highlight for us was the dedication to David MexOne Alvarado. Family gathered together to dedicate our music, dance, and art to Mex. The Alvarado Family along with Unique Styles Crew, The Squadron, and Fusik shared a special moment together on stage with the international community all around.  Freestyle Session was always one of Mex’s favorite events, and it was only right that Cros One provided the opportunity to make this dedication happen.  Cros we are truly grateful for bringing us all together.  We would also like to thank Daniel Zhu and the entire Stance team for not only doing an amazing job at capturing the full event, but capturing these amazing moments that will last in our memories forever.  

Watch the entire Fusik dedication below along with a special MEXONE FOREVER edit of Squadron’s dedication on the dance floor!


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Iphlow 5

Iphlow 5, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 5 Star Cuts Barbershop in Miami, FL.  This Pro Breaking Tour Futures Series Event featured a 2-vs-2 Bboy/Bgirl Breaking Battle, awarding a total of $2,100.

2-vs-2 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
o $1,200 for first place
o $500 for second place
o $200 for semifinalists

Hosted by:
o Willstyles
o Supah Mario

Beats dropped by:
o Demo
o IRVstyle

Judges for 2-vs-2 Breaking Battle:
o Lego
o Boo Rok
o Felix

Congratulations to Future Force Monsters (Zeku and Fuzion) for taking the win in the 2-vs-2 breaking battle finals.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

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Check back soon for pictures and videos from the event.

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Freestyle Session 20 Year Anniversary Recap

20 years strong, Freestyle Session delivered an epic weekend! “The Return of the Crew Battle” saw a historical line up of crews making for some memorable battles. The event took place at the legendary, La Boom Night Club in Los Angeles, where it has been held for the past few years.

So many things to share, so let’s jump in.

Day One

Within minutes of the doors opening, the venue already looked full. The support was amazing with a record-breaking number of pre-sale tickets than any other FSS edition. The day started off as a massive reunion, I don’t think I stopped saying what’s up to friends and family from around the world. Biggest & Baddest also released its new collection at FSS, so there was a lot of traffic at The Bboy Spot booth. The vendors all had great setups, and it was good to see people from within the community providing great services for the community. After a few hours of open circles, the prelim showcase battles began. It consisted of three cyphers with a panel of 3 judges that included:

Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew)

Poe One (Style Elements)

Swiftrock (Battle Squad)

Reveal (Rock Force/Killafornia)

Wicket (Renegades)

alternates/prelim judges

Charles (Soul Control)

Bojin (Taiwan/BBoyworld Asia)

Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts)

Renegade (Soul Mavericks)

After the prelims, the Alvarado Family, Fusik, Unique Styles Crew, The Squadron and many close friends gathered together on stage for our Dedication to Mex. It was an emotional moment as we showed appreciation, and dedicated our music, dance, and art to Mex. After a moment of silence, we heard the words of Marlon of HaviKoro, who wrote a poetic masterpiece in honor of him. Fusik had the privilege to be a part of, and conclude, the dedication. It was amazing to perform in commemoration of my best friend, knowing he was watching from above. Mex supported Fusik from day one. He motivated me to follow my dreams and pursue my passion for music. Thank you, Mex, for always pushing us to be the best.

Photo by Viviimage

Day Two

Starting the day with completing the remaining battles in the top 32 bracket, Freestyle Session incorporated the “and8 Judge” system. The tool offers round-for-round judging with real time evaluation. Each judge has a screen and uses a fader that produces a percentage, depending on how far you move the fader to one side or the other. After the battle, the screen displays the number of rounds won by each crew, which in turn, determines the winning crew. After the event, all the results are posted with detailed round-for-round votes, including the percentage results by each judge for each round.

For all the battle reports, click here: and8 Judge

Click on the name of the winner to see the report for that battle on the top 32 graphic on the web site.


Example of the battle results


The highlight of the night was the final battle: Monster Energy Bboys vs The Squadron! The energy was through the roof. Both crews showed an amazing level of talent and skill. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below.

Congratulations to Monster Energy Bboys for taking the win and earning the Freestyle Session 20th Year Anniversary rings. It was an amazing battle, many saying it was the best one of the whole year.We also want to acknowledge the winners of the categorizes held in the adjacent rooms.

Kids Battle: Master Mace and Weapon X

Open Styles: Flo

Popping: Slimboogie

Waacking: Kumari Suraj

Rocking: Aya (MZK)

We would like to congratulate Cros One for 20 years of Freestyle Session and all the contributions he has made in our scene. FSS has been an inspiration for many and continues to bring us together. The event was a huge success and I look forward to return next year!


check out some amazing photo galleries of Freestyle Session XX

Kien Quan Photography

Viviimage Photography

Ervin Arana Photography

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Freestyle Session World Finals ’17 ~ 20th Anniversary



Freestyle Session World Finals 2017
Los Angeles, California

The Freestyle Session World Finals ’17, 20th Anniversary, took place on November 11th and 12th, 2017 at the La Boom Nightclub in Huntington Park, California as part of the 2017 Pro Breaking Tour’s Champions Series.  The event was organized by Cros1 in conjunction with Grassroots Productions and paid $30,000 in cash and prizes.  A panel of five judged the Open Crew-on-Crew Battle.  There was a Hip Hop Swap Meet and MC Showcase. There were special performances by One Be Lo, Fusik with a dedication to Mex One, S.O.U.L. Purpose & Immortal Technique. The event was hosted by Cros1 along with Ivan the Urban Action Figure.  The DJs for the battles were Lean Rock, Abel, Bles One, Kidriz, Ervin Arana, Renegade, Fleg, Roxswift, Buddha Stretch, Link and Charlie Rock.  Other events throughout the weekend will be Rocking Battles, Kids 2vs2 Battles (under 16), Popping Battles, Whaacking Battles & Open Styles Battles.

  • Open crew-on-crew (10-vs-10) Prize Distribution: $30,000 Cash + 10 Championship Rings + prizes from sponsors

o   $10,000 for first place; $6,000 for second place; $3,000 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $1,000 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $500 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th)

  • Judges for the Crew-on-Crew:
  1. Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew)
  2. Poe One (Style Elements)
  3. Swiftrock (Battle Squad)
  4. Reveal (Rock Force/Killafornia)
  5. Wicket (Renegades)
  6. Charles/Goku (Soul Control) ~ Prelim + Alternate
  7. Bojin (Taiwan/Bboyworld Asia) ~ Prelim + Alternate
  8. Jeskilz (Cypher Addicts) ~ Prelim + Alternate
  9. Renegade ~ Prelim + Alternate

Freestyle Session has always been a gathering of the worldwide bboy and bgirl community and this year was no different.  There were familiar faces from many scenes, crossing multiple generations, all getting down together with a vibe like no other. BBoys and BGirls showed up from all corners of the globe to compete at this year’s World Finals event all hoping to grab a spot in the top 32 bracket.  With a payout at the top 16 level, all the breakers had incentive to give it their all in hopes to advance and with a steady flow of Monster Energy, the dancers had no trouble bringing their A-game. It was one of the most anticipated events of the year and now that the dust has cleared, we have our champions from the Freestyle Session World Finals, Pro Breaking Tour, Championship Series event.

In the Crew-on-Crew battle it was the Monster Energy Bboys who took first place over Squadron. 

Huge Congrats to all competitors who entered.

There were so many great battles throughout the weekend, some of which you can check out below in the video links.  Also below are great pictures from Kien Quan, who was on the prowl throughout the weekend looking for the perfect shots to capture the event.

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Check back soon for more photos and videos from the event!

Pics from Kien Quan:

[See image gallery at appserver-cd0b6d57.c.pantheon-dmz.internal]
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5 Freeze Drills to Level Up Your Bboying (Freeze Stacks Only)

I came to realise that freeze foundations are important for BOTH power moves and freeze combos.

But holding single freezes for 1 minute each wasn’t going to take me to places.

Instead, I developed my own conditioning drills to up my freeze game.

And I’m sharing 5 of them with you today, so you can level up as well.

I’ve included the recommended reps too so you can have a target to reach:

1. Baby-Elbow-Handstand x10 (0:28)

2. Float-Handstand x10 (0:49)

3. Shoulder-Headstand x15 (1:07)

4. Baby-Elbow-Baby x10 (1:25)

5. Baby-Elbow-Opp. Elbow-Opp. Baby x7 (1:49)

The video: 


PICK 3 OF THEM and do them when you’re done with your practice, or on non-practice days. Train wisely, boys and girls!

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Bad Judging at Red Bull BC One?

The Red Bull BC One World Finals went down this past weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We watched the full livestream from home, in Florida. The production quality was at a high professional level.  There was some confusion with the “Live Event (raw without commentary)” channel being cut off by the start of the “Live TV Show (with commentary)” channel during the Top 16.  However, I was able to fix it with a few clicks to continue watching the battles.

As we see and hear every year, there was a huge discontent with the judges’ decisions.  Feedback such as people getting robbed, and the judges being rigged or not qualified was being voiced. If these are not qualified judges, then who is? AT, Intact, Niek, Crazy Legs, and Hong 10 are all more than qualified that have an extensive body of work to prove it.  No one is bribing them to make certain calls.  If our culture has gotten down to that level, we would have all quit a long time ago.

It seems no matter who wins, this will always happen. The art of judging is not an easy thing. Being in the judge’s’ chair on stage versus being in the comfort of your home casually watching is not the same experience.  This issue is something that will continue as long as we are using our artform in a competitive nature.  Even with judging systems in place, these problems will still exist because it will be always be one person’s opinion over another person’s art.

I wanted to share some words from one of the judges and a competitor that was actually there on the stage.

Bboy Intact: “You will never understand how much energy, time and work those guys invested to be there! The level of pressure at the event like this will make some of u go crazy and out of control, I’m telling u, this is hard, u will shake! Sitting at your comfortable chairs in front of monitors and drinking tea with sweets or eating sandwiches while watching battles YOU EVEN CANT REALIZE IT!”

Thesis: “Overall the calls from the judges were good. There were about 2 or 3, I’d call, absolutely blind decisions… but that’s bound to happen with such a high caliber competition. The pressure is understandable but we all wish it wasn’t an issue, especially with so much on the line. As competitors, we all must remind ourselves that every competition is just another battle and we have to keep pushing to reach higher goals for our future.”

Red Bull BC One is a high level and high production competition.  They do an amazing job of putting some of the best dancers on one stage and making it a great spectacle.  It has its place in our scene but it does not define our culture.  The stage does bring opportunities to whoever takes the title, but if you are consistent, your skills will take you to these opportunities sooner or later. I feel that we should enjoy it for what it is and look within ourselves for the true future of our dance.  Congratulations to Menno for winning his 2nd BC One Title! What do you think about the judging at BC One?  

What can we do for the future of judging in competitions? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Incase you missed it watch the full event here: Red Bull BC One World Finals 2017


The Final Battle: Wing vs Menno

Battles with close calls

The Final Bracket

Source: Bad Judging at Red Bull BC One?

I Pity the Fool

I Pity the Fool, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at Snowglobe Perspective in Whittier, CA. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a 2-vs-2 Bboy/Bgirl breaking battle awarding a total of $8100 in cash prize money.

Crew-vs-crew Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $3500 for first place
♦ $1500 for second place
♦ $750 for semifinalists
♦ $400 for quarterfinalists

Hosts for the Evening:
♦ Cros 1 (FSS)
♦ Adverse (KWOC x Knuckleheads)

Beats dropped by:
♬ Tasko (Knuckleheads)
♬ Millhouse (Knuckleheads)
♬ Emecks (DTTTC)
♬ BlesOne (DTTTC x Knuckleheads)

Breaking Battle Judges:
♦ Rawbzilla (Originality Stands Alone)
♦ Rock (Full Force)
♦ Ace (Master Movements)
♦ Reveal (Rock Force x Killafornia)
♦ Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts)

Prelim / Alternate Judge:
♦ Paranoid Android (Knuckleheads)

Congratulations to Killafornia for taking the win over Monster Bboys in the 2-vs-2 finals. Navi and Mr. Force were both semifinalists.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

Check back soon for more pictures and videos from the event.

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The 14th edition of Red Bull BC One ignited Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, where 3,000 breakdance lovers packed the venue to find out who would be crowned the new world champion.

Dutch Red Bull BC One All Star Menno, who took the title of in 2014 in Paris, reclaimed his title in front of a delirious home crowd! How awesome is that! He was one of the favorites and lived up the expectations. With his energetic and creative style he took all his rounds by full conviction, ending up in finals against Wing which he won unanimously. Recapturing the title of World Champ has only been done by two others, All Stars Lilou and Hong 10.

Title defender Issei from Japan lost his second round against Wing, leaving the title on the floor for someone else. For the first time ever this year, there was a B-Girl in the line-up, Ayumi from Japan. She is one of the best B-Girls internationally and has proved herself in big competitions, both solo and with her crew Body Carnival. She lost with one vote against Kill, who lost to Menno in the next round.

Just before the final battle of the night, Grammy award-winners Naughty By Nature took over the stage and performed some of their biggest hits, including classics Uptown Anthem, Craziest and Hip Hop Hooray, and getting the crowd on their feet.

The title-deciding battle was filled with killer moves, excitement and an energetic crowd. Wing confronted Menno in a battle where technical skills, style and flow were the most important thing.

In the end though, it was local Dutch breaker Menno who walked away with the title, thanks to a winning combination of inventiveness and precision that won the hearts and minds of the judging panel and capacity crowd.

“I’m super happy with this win. I proved that I’m still relevant, that’s what I like so much about breaking that you can keep developing and learning. I had a hard time battling Wing since he’s a friend of mine. I tried to close myself off to not get distracted and focus on doing my thing.”

In the judges seats were Crazy Legs (USA), Hong 10 (KOR), Niek (NED), Intact (UKR) and AT (FIN). They did not have an easy job and some battles were really close. With a three to two vote some battles could have easily gone the other way.

Crazy Legs: “Sometimes when judging you’re looking for mistakes when the level is really close. With Menno, it was the variety of moves, combined with the right amount of power that made him took the win over Wing. He also managed to keep his intensity very consistent.”

Niek: “Menno showed again he is able to deliver under pressure. His flow was unstoppable, he took the initiative and brought fresh content to every battle, dominating all his rounds. Rightful winner for sure!”