Bboy City

Bboy City, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 at North Door in Austin, TX. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a crew-vs-crew Bboy/Bgirl breaking battle awarding a total of $7,000 in cash prize money.

Crew-vs-crew Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $4000 for first place
♦ $2000 for second place
♦ $500 for semifinalists

Beats dropped by:
♬ DJ BlesOne
♬ DJ Element
♬ DJ Silent Rob
♬ DJ Floski
♬ DJ Boogie Beats

Breaking Battle Judges:
♦ Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali/Massive Monkees)
♦ Box Won (KRS.Illadelph/Ph1ave/Beast Coast)
♦ Hawaii Jack (808 Breakers)
♦ Baby Girl (Bgirl City/Texas Black Sheep)
♦ Alieness (MZK)
♦ Bboy Mickey (Central America Champion)

Congratulations to Rock All Day/MZK for taking the win over Havikoro in the crew-vs-crew finals. HZK and For Crisis were both semifinalists.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

Check back soon for pictures and videos from the event.

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Temple rock 2017 recap

This past weekend the Pro Breaking Tour made its way to my home state of Florida making Shaolin
Production’s Temple Rock Vol. 4. The 32nd official stop of the 2017 tour!

The jam kicked off with a cypher night at the community spot DGEBK (DJing, Graffitti, Emceeing,
Breaking, and Knowledge) Studios. No battles or any formal schedule, just good music and vibes. Day
One was dedicated to Mex, having all the proceeds go to the MEX ONE-Legacy Fund.

The man himself, Daniel aka “Beanie”, made a special appearance joined by the rest of Mex’s Family.
Beanie even got down and bugged out in the cyphers with his cousins! I had the honor of spinning the
night with an all vinyl 45 set where much of my selection was influenced by the many records myself and
Mex always got down to. Many of these we found together diggin at record shows, flea markets, and
record shops. Also spinnin was DJ Kid Master of Colombia who has been supporting and putting in work
in the Florida scene for the past few years. Overall, the vibe was fresh and it was the perfect way to set
off the weekend! Big thank you to the venue and Eric for their generosity to help make Day One happen!

The main event was held at Fuego Night Club, known for its booming sound system, breezy atmosphere,
wood floors and dope lighting. The night started off with cyphers and good music with DJs Kid Master
(Colombia) and Will Stylz (Catalyst Hip-Hop) holding down the turntables in the prelims and circles, while
BlesOne (Knuckleheads Cali) took over the 1s and 2s for the brackets and bgirl 7-to- smoke! Will Stylz
also rockin the mic as the host with the most!

This 4th edition of Temple Rock proved to be the highest caliber of bboys and bgirls to date. With over 100
competitors from all over the world signed up for the 1vs1 Breakin Battle and Bgirl 7-to- smoke, Shaolin
Productions put together the following panel of experts to decide who will take the $2000 cash prize:
Jessie (Havikoro), Asia One (MZK/No Easy Props/Bboy Summit), Dahs (Flipside Kings), Omen (Supreme
Beingz), and Napalm (Beat Whakz).

Check out the TOP 32 lineup below.

During the night, several call out battles broke out… Jolty (Supreme Beingz) versus Morris (Rockforce),
and Swift Nyce (Flooridians) calling out one of the judges, Omen (Supreme Beingz)!

Before the semi-finals, the Bgirl 7-to- smoke went down. It was a high-level international line up of Bgirls
making it seem that it was an invitational, but all the dancers made their own way to Florida to represent
for the $1500 prize! Congrats to Bgirl Kate (South Front/Ukraine) for taking the win! Also awarded was
$700 for 2 nd place and $300 for 3 rd place.


Before the finals, Battle Rap Emcee MADD ILLZ alongside Female Emcee E-Turn took to the stage for a
dope performance, spitting bars and paying homage to Supernatural by freestyling about random objects
being held up at the jam!

The Final came down to Florida versus Texas. Hometown hero Victor (Redbull/Squadron/MF Kidz) vs.
Scumbag Jose (HZK x Renegades) going three rounds each to determine the winner.

Congrats to Victor, 2017 Temple Rock 4 Champ!
Also awarded: 2 nd place $900; 3 rd & 4 th place $450; 5 th -8 th place $225 and 9 th -16 th place $100.

Held at Phan’s Asian Cuisine owned and operated by Orlando’s own Tung Fu of the MF Kidz, the night
included a “Temple Rock” menu, drink specials, games, and live music provided by resident DJ Java J. If
you are ever in the area, I highly recommend checking out this spot! The food was great and the vibe
was chill, good conversations reconnecting with old friends and building the foundation of new

Mural at PHAN’s restaurant by 2NES UNOe

Temple Rock did its job of continuing to grow the US scene and keeping what we love so much about
Florida jams. The event had international competition in a comfortable club setting, and brought out a
quality line up of DJs and Judges from out of town while keeping its roots with the local scene. To top it
off Ray Gunz, Freeze, Nat, and the whole Shaolin Productions did an amazing job of accommodating all
the guests and some out of towners by renting out a big Airbnb house for everyone to sleep, but more
importantly for everyone to build. Thank you guys so much for the hospitality, I can’t wait to be a part of
the next one!

Peep the gallery bellow by Kien Quan photography

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Professional stage setup and complimentary Monster Energy drinks, Essential alkaline water, meals, and gear with a room full of some of the most talented people in our culture were just some of the many things that was generously provided at this year edition of Silverback Open. With that being said, this year was also an emotional one. The absence of Mex was truly felt.

With the blessing of Mex’s family, the classic “Biggest & Baddest” booth we have all seen for years was set up during Silverback Open. Although a limited quantity of inventory was available, the goal was to send out a message to the community that the legacy will continue. Many of you came to the booth to pay your respects and share amazing stories of our beloved friend. I, Felix, want to thank you and tell you that I will pass on all your stories to his family and son.

Day One
History was made and the first Youth Olympic Games Continental Qualifier for the Americas took place.
For insight on the status of “Stage 2 Youth Olympics Continental Qualifier – Americas” reference
The Bboy Spot’s previous blog: HERE

There was a maximum of 30 places (20 Bboys and 10 Bgirls) for Stage Three in the YOG Qualifier being held in 2018 as the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Japan, and 16 Bboys and 7 Bgirls ended up being awarded that day! Congrats to Bgirl Connie (Endo Fx Crew/QCB, North Carolina) and Bboy D-Matt (Montreal, Canada) for winning the Youth Bgirl and Bboy battles respectively! Also, big shout out to UDEF for stepping up and giving the USA bboys and bgirls (PLUS parents/legal guardian) that qualified for Stage 2 a free trip plus accommodation to this past weekend’s Silverback Open! Judges for YOG: Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts), Moy (Monster Energy/Break Free), Storm(Germany), Narumi (Body Carnival), and Renegade (UK).

Day Two
With one of the highest registration count of a 1vs1 at a national event, 800+ competitors were divided into 3 circles. Five judges sat at each circle, and with a strong collective of minds, they picked the top 32 to battle it out for the title! Alongside the 1vs1 was the 1vs1 Bgirl battle, which was also filled with high-level dancers from all over the world!

Judges for the 1-on- 1 Open, 3-on- 3 Open and 1-on- 1 Bgirl Battles:
1. David Colas – (France)
2. Poe One – Style Elements (United States)
3. Dyzee – Supernaturalz (Canada)
4. A.T. – Flomo (Finland)
5. Renegade – Soul Mavericks (U.K.)
6. Wicket – Renegade Rockers (United States)
7. Reveal – Killafornia, Rock Force (San Diego, CA)
8. Fever One – Rock Steady Crew (United States) [alternate]
9. Mounir – Vagabonds (France) [alternate]
10. Hat Solo – Flowmo (Finland) [prelim]
11. Goku – Soul Control (United States) [prelim]
12. Rudy Rex – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
13. Servin Ervin – Cypher Adikts (United States) [prelim]
14. Lil John – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
15. Jeromeskee – Massive Monkees (United States) [prelim]

Every battle was at the highest caliber with the slightest mistake costingmany their win. The full bracket below shows the breakdown of who defeated who.

In the end, Issei (Found Nation, Japan) was awarded the 1-on- 1 title against Alkolil (OBC Crew, Russia) winning the grand prize of $15,000 cash and securing his spot in the Undisputed Finals being held in San Diego on January 27-28, 2018. Check the footage!

Ami (Good Foot Crew, Japan) was crowned the Bgirl champion over Ayumi (Body Carnival, Japan) winning $5,000. Peep the footage below.

Day Three
With over 400 3vs3 crews and using the same 3 circle format, the judges came together to choose the top 32 spots. As you can imagine, this task is not easy and resulted in 4 tie breakers to determine the bracket. All the battles were hype as everyone gave it their all! In the end, 7 Commandos (Hong 10, Wing, and Skim) were victorious over Alkoli, Bumblebee, and Robin. Check out the bracket below to see how it all went down, plus the footage!

It was also great to see the addition of a Popping category at Silverback Open! The “Bionic Boogie” was set up as a top 8 invitational battle hosted by Mr. Wiggles. Mex and I always spoke about how we wanted to see the Popping scene grow and it felt great to see Silverback incorporate it into the mix. I hope to see the future of this grow and give the opportunity for more Poppers to represent. Firebac (Korea) took the win over Boogie Frantic (MZK, USA).

Because of the multiple categories and long list of competitors, this event saw some long hours, which means lots of music to be played. The DJ line up of Lean Rock (Floorlords/Boogie Brats), Fleg (Lionz of Zion), BlesOne (Knuckleheads Cali) and Safire (Floorlords) did an incredible job of keeping the flow and setting off the vibe throughout the weekend.

Overall, the experience was excellent. The venue and staff were operating at the highest level of professionalism. Silverback Open gave out over $100,000 in prize money; all star judges panel; free entrance; all competitors received complimentary food vouchers and free gift bags with gear; free Monster Energy drinks and Essential water; professional live stream; plenty of seating and viewing everyone for everyone in the building; and so much more. We realize it was hot in the building, but what can you expect when you have the hottest dancers from all over the world going as hard as they can in the battles followed by everyone going in heavy in the circles all night long, with the DJs dropping an amazing selection of music to move your soul!

I want to thank Steve, Joe, Dawn, Nemesis, and the entire 2017 Silverback Open staff for their generosity, hospitality and attention to detail this entire weekend. On the exterior, Silverback Open is an amazing ultra high-level competition, but on the inside, it is a reunion and gathering of creative minds from around the world. Thank you, to the Pro Breaking Tour and Silverback Bboy Events, for continuing to provide opportunities and the platform for growth in our Hip hop community.

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Silverback Open Championships 2017

Silverback Open Championships 2017

$100,000+ in Cash Prize Money

The Silverback Open Championships ’17
took place on October 6th-8th 2017 at the YSC Sports complex outside of Philadelphia as part of the 2017 Pro Breaking Tour’s Champions Series. The event was organized by Silverback Bboy Events and paid $100,000 in cash prize money, plus a trips for the 1-v-1 winner to Undisputed (January 27th & 28th, San Diego, CA). A panel of seven judged the 1-on-1 Open, the 3-on-3 Open and the 1-on-1 Bgirl with two alternates in case a judge happened to be in the same crew as a competitor. The preliminary battles expanded the judging panel to five judges for each cypher.

Like all competitions, there can only be one first place winner and the Silverback Open Championships had its well deserving victors in every category. In the 1-on-1 Open battle, Issei (Found Nation) took first place over Alkolil (OBC Crew), in the 3-on-3 Open it was 7 Commandos (Hong 10, Wing, Skim) who took first over Bumblebee, Alkolil, and Robin, and for the Bgirls it was Ami over Ayumi (Body Carnival) in the 1-on-1 Bgirl final. In the first Bionic Boogie invitational, Firebac took first place overall.


Prize Money Breakdown


  • 1-on-1 Open Prize Distribution: $45,500 Cash +  a trip to compete in Undisputed (San Diego, CA)

o $15,000 for first place + a trip to compete in Undisputed (January 27th & 28th, San Diego, CA); $7,500 for second place; $2,500 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $1,000 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $500 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $200 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd); $100 for each top 100 loser (33rd-100th).


  • 1-on-1 Bgirl Battle Prize Distribution: $15,000 Cash for the top 8 Bgirl

o $5,000 for first place; $2,500 for second place; $1,250 for each semifinal loser; $600 for each quarterfinal loser; $325 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th)


  • 3-on-3 Open Crew Prize Distribution: $42,000 Cash

o $12,000 for first place; $6,000 for second place; $3,000 for each semifinal loser (3rd-4th); $1,200 for each quarterfinal loser (5th-8th); $750 for each Round of 16 loser (9th-16th); $450 for each Round of 32 loser (17th-32nd).


  • Bionic Boogie Prize Distribution: $4,000 Cash

o $2,000 for first place; $1,250 for second place; $500 for 3rd place; $250 for 4th place.


Judges for the 1-on-1 Open, 3-on-3 Open and 1-on-1 Bgirl Battles:

  1. David Colas – (France)
  2. Poe One – Style Elements (United States)
  3. Dyzee – Supernaturalz (Canada)
  4. A.T. – Flomo (Finland)
  5. Renegade – Soul Mavericks (U.K.)
  6. Wicket – Renegade Rockers (United States)
  7. Reveal – Killafornia, Rock Force (San Diego, CA)
  8. Fever One – Rock Steady Crew (United States) [alternate]
  9. Mounir – Vagabonds (France) [alternate]
  10. Hat Solo – Flowmo (Finland) [prelim]
  11. Goku – Soul Control (United States) [prelim]
  12. Rudy Rex – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
  13. Servin Ervin – Cypher Adikts (United States) [prelim]
  14. Lil John – Havikoro (United States) [prelim]
  15. Jeromeskee – Massive Monkees (United States) [prelim]

The DJs for the weekend were Lean Rock, BlesOne (Knuckleheads Cali), Fleg (Lionz of Zion) and Safire.

Monster Energy was in the house with free giveaways of Monster Energy beverages and alongside them were vendors from all over the US, providing gear from within the bboy scene.

We’ll be posting videos and pictures from the event in the upcoming days. Also, make sure to visit us on Facebook for even more content!


Photo Links:

Video Links:

  • coming soon



Day 2 Video Stream – Part 2

Day 2 Video Stream – Part 1

Day 1 Video Stream – Part 2

Day 1 Video Stream – Part 1

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Van geen perspectief naar de top van de wereld.

4 redenen waarom Kid Colombia een rulebreaker is.

In de ‘rulebreakers’ campagne van Samsung zien we powermove b-boy Kid Colombia met zijn blik op het leven. Vanaf zijn 15e aan de top, spectaculair in zijn moves en bestemd om een legende te worden. Kid Colombia is een geboren ‘rulebreaker’!

1. Against All Odds

Wat: Succes tegen “verwachtingen” in.

Op 3-jarige leeftijd kwam Jeffry Verschoor-Sowa aka Kid Colombia naar Nederland. Een kind vol energie, anders dan andere en moeite zich te uiten. Als je zijn leraren moet geloven, dan was er niks van Jeffry terecht gekomen. Bakken met onvoldoendes en weinig toekomstperspectief zeiden ze.. Tegenwoordig reist de pas 18-jarige breakdancer de wereld rond met zijn crew en pakt hij prijs na prijs na prijs.. Who’s talking now?

2. World Class Crew!

Wat: Onderdeel van een van de beste breakdance-crews van de wereld.

De Red Bull BC One World Final is om de hoek en 15 van de 16 finalisten zijn bekend! Met twee crewleden al in de finale, Kid Colombia als eerste op de reservelijst en nog een ijzer in het vuur met de Last Chance Cypher, zijn ‘The Hustle Kidz’ heel dik vertegenwoordigd voor de finale op 4 november in Amsterdam. Maar liefst 4 mensen uit 1 crew maken kans om mee te doen aan de World Final, wauw!

3. Jong aan de top

Wat: Jongste winnaar van de Holland Cypher ooit!

In 2014 verschijnt er een 15-jarige b-boy aan de start van de Nederlandse voorrondes van BC One, de Holland Cypher. De jonge Kid Colombia schakelt iedereen uit en pakt de titel. De Holland Cypher kent haar jongste winnaar ooit! Vorig jaar maakt hij als 17-jarige zijn debut op het hoogste podium met zijn deelname aan de BC One World Final in Japan.

Check hoe de jonge b-boy de ervaren boys het vuur aan de schenen legt:

4. ‘Breaking’ world records

Wat: Als Nederlandse koning v/d ‘powermoves’ was hij onderdeel van een recordsetting project.

Op 29 september werd voor de Red Bull BC One World Final een wereldrecord ‘windmills’ gezet. Met 70 breakers voor de oer-Hollandse molens van Kinderdijk. Samen met zijn collega-breakdancers gaat Kid de boeken in en damn! Wat een plaatje!

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How Do I Practice Hard And Prevent Injury?

For the eighth episode of #AskErin, we have this question from XileDSlash Gaming:

How do you think people should balance going hard and preventing injury?

What is #AskErin?

#AskErin is a series where bboys and bgirls around the world can, well, ask Erin anything about breaking itself! Simply #AskErin your question in the comments below and we’ll put up a video response for you.

My response?

There are 2 key things. Click ‘play’ on this video to watch my answer:

Prefer reading? Then continue scrolling.

You need to:

1. Have the right technique and right foundation for the move you want to learn.

For example:

If you can’t do a handstand properly, and you’re trying to do a 1990s, 2000s, or a rollback to airfreeze…

Big moves like these.

You’re going to get hurt. Simple as that.

2. Listen to your body

If you have the right foundation, then you have to ask yourself:

How good is your body?

And by that, I mean the well-being. Are you tired from your week? For e.g I’m sore.

Listen! Listen to your muscles. Listen to your body. If you’re really tired and can’t go on, rest.

That’s how you balance it out.

There’s a difference between your body telling you to stop because it hurts and it’s sore… vs just being plain lazy.

For example:

If I want to practice haloes – I’d do my haloes, my baby freeze positioning… I’d train it until my neck and shoulders are sore. Then I’d stop doing it.

It’s the same thing learning windmills, flares, barrelmills… If your groin hurts, you should stop. That means you’ve gone hard enough. It’s time for your body to take a break.

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Will Forever B-Ill

Will Forever B-ill, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, September 30th at Muse in Brooklyn, NY. This Pro Breaking Tour Futures Series Event featured a 2-vs-2 Bboy/Bgirl Breaking Battle, awarding a total of $1,900.

2-vs-2 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
o $1,000 for first place
o $500 for second place
o $200 for semifinalists

Hosted by:
o Danny Infms

Beats dropped by:
o DJ Rugz
o DJ Yoo Q

Judges for 2-vs-2 Breaking Battle:
o Wild Child
o Cricket
o Samo

Congratulations to De Klan (Danilo/Omed) for taking the win over Whorah & Gravity in the 2-vs-2 breaking battle finals. Iron City (Andre/Drummerman) and Street Masters (Pop/Elmo) were both semifinalists.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

Powered by Monster Energy

Check back soon for pictures and videos from the event.

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70 extra windmolens op Kinderdijk Breakers vestigen nieuw wereldrecord .

Vandaag heeft een groep van 70 breakdancers een nieuw wereldrecord gevestigd door tegelijkertijd windmills uit te voeren. Deze breakdance move voerden ze uit op het water voor de oer-Hollandse monumentale molens van Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk. Het record is gezet in aanloop naar het WK Breakdance, de Red Bull BC One World Final, dat op 4 november voor het eerst in Nederland plaatsvindt. Onder de deelnemers bevonden zich dansers als Juvat Westendorp, Jeffry Verschoor Sowa (Kid Colombia) en WK-finalist Shane Boers.

Credits: Maurice van der Meijs

B-boy Niek Traa (The Ruggeds): “De windmill is een classic breakdance move en heeft grappig genoeg ook een link met Nederland. Zo ontstond het idee voor dit wereldrecord. De breakdance scene in Nederland is hard aan het groeien en daar zijn we trots op. Na New York, Tokyo en Rome is het aan ons de eer om het WK te organiseren en daar kijken we enorm naar uit. De breakers staan tijdens het event natuurlijk als rivalen in de battles tegenover elkaar, maar met deze actie willen we samen onze passie onder de aandacht brengen.”

Om te vieren dat het WK Breakdance dit jaar in Nederland plaatsvindt bedacht de groep van 70 breakdancers een succesvolle stunt; ze verzamelden op één plek om tegelijkertijd zoveel mogelijk windmills te doen en daarmee een record te vestigen. Onder de deelnemers waren b-boys en girls van 15 tot 50 jaar uit onder andere Italië, Frankrijk, Brazilië en Benelux. Ze voerden samen de move voor 30 seconden uit.

De Nederlander Jeffry Verschoor Sowa aka Rulebreaker Kid Colombia geldt als een expert op het gebied van windmills: “Het is een draaiende beweging waarbij je benen in de lucht roteren en je bovenlichaam over de grond draait. Dit kan op veel verschillende manieren, maar zo grensverleggend als vandaag had ik nog nooit een windmill gedaan. Met zoveel tegelijkertijd op het water.”

Wereldkampioenschap Breakdance
Op 2, 3 en 4 november staat in het Amsterdamse Westerpark de creatieve Hip Hop cultuur centraal met lezingen, breakdance battles, workshops en kunst tijdens de Red Bull BC One. Hoogtepunt is op 4 november als in de Gashouder voor het eerst het WK Breakdance, de Red Bull BC One World Final, in Amsterdam plaatsvindt. De 16 beste breakers ter wereld nemen het dan tegen elkaar op. Nederland is met 2 deelnemers, Menno van Gorp en Shane Boers, goed vertegenwoordigd in de finale. Daarnaast maakt ook danser Justen Beer, bekend van de tv-show ‘Everybody Dance Now’, kans op een plaats in de finale. De finale wordt live uitgezonden op RTL5, Red Bull TV en online via van 21:00 tot 22:30 uur.

Source: 70 extra windmolens op Kinderdijk Breakers vestigen nieuw wereldrecord .

How to be an MC with MC Swifty

Have you ever wanted the limelight every now and again, getting onto the stage and start a Mexican wave, getting people chanting in the hundreds or maybe you saw another MC and thought “I could do that”. If you did, then check out the Interview we did with MC Swifty, one of UK’s busiest MC’s,Liegh Swifty and we discuss how he transitioned from being a BBoy to a MC and any Do’s and Dont’s of the trade.

You can find more via the following:
Follow: or @funkstylerstv
Instagram: or @funkstylerstv

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